Robert Citgez

Before joining Taxture as a tax partner in 2009, Robert worked for Arthur Andersen, KPMG and Ernst & Young, where he primarily advised multinational corporate clients.

During his Ernst & Young period he was one of the co-founders of the International Country desk centres where he served a vast number of international investors (i.e. multinational companies, medium-sized family businesses and individuals). In addition to that he advised a large number of UK, US and CIS clients on structuring via the Netherlands.

Robert has extensive experience in international taxation and the coordination and implementation of various global structuring projects, in designing and implementing complex international financing structures(i.e. using among others non-conventional and Islamic financing tools), royalty and investment structures (i.e. private equity and venture capitalist) for his globally operating multinational clients. Robert is a native Dutch and Turkish speaker and fluent in English and German. He holds a Master Degree in Tax Law, Civil Law and Corporate Law from the University of Leiden. With his combined tax and corporate law knowledge, Robert is a valuable advisory asset for his clients.

More Information?
Mail Robert: or call on his direct number: +31 20 782 00 73.